• High-end  silicon dissolution  to protect all hard, solid materials in one quick step.
  • High Concentrate  100 ml  diluted with 2 liters of water = + -  100 square meters 
  • To be used on all hard and clean surfaces
  • Use inside and outside
  • Price Approximately € 0.463 - CENT per square meter
  • Shelf life days months to years
  • Can be refreshed at any time or set up without sanding the previous layer.

2.0 high end coating

  • The specially designed  V ersiegelt  protects all types of indoor and outdoor all hard, solid surfaces. The highly concentrated formula is diluted in water and sprayed on the clean and grease-free surface. Simple and gentle friction distributes and seals the surface.

    High gloss and a quality seal is guaranteed. Can be applied to the following materials: metal, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics, glass, plastic and glass fiber, wood, treated and untreated hard surfaces such as stone, marble and tiles. Painted and unpainted surfaces.



    The  QP-ON 2.0 Coating is pH-neutral, silicone-free and with antistatic properties. The surfaces are highly water repellent. Resistant to alkaline liquids, acids and other environmental pollutants. Highly effective protection against strong sunlight and UV-A and UV-B radiation. Does not require the use of mechanical equipment (such as polishing machines or other equipment).



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