QP-ON 2.1 is a high-end cleaner with a special coating formula and serves to renew the basis of QP-ON 2.0 and - or 3.0.

  • Shampoo for re-sealing of coatings
  • highly concentrated
  • deep cleansing 
  • Low consumption

2.1 High End Cleaner & Coating

  • applications

    • Household in the exterior and interior
    • Bathroom, mirrors, showers, bathtubs, tiles
    • Glass table tops, furniture
    • Entrance hall, polished floors, reception tables
    • Swimming pools, spas and saunas
    • Boats, yachts, jet skis, catamarans, surfboards, sailboats - outside and inside
    • Cars - alloy wheels, windows, bodywork - paint or foil, dashboard, door panels
    • Trucks - Alloy Wheels, Windows, Truck Bodywork - Paint or Foil, Dashboard, Door Panels
    • Motorcycles, quad vehicles, bicycles, mountain bikes
    • Campers and caravans, camping equipment
    • Aircraft, bi-motors, gliders and gliders
    • Sports equipment and all kinds of equipment


    Serves as a  deep cleanser to facilitate the subsequent use of other QP-ON products. Also serves as a way to repair and reseal a surface previously treated with QP-ON 2.0 or QP-ON 3.0. With QP-ON 2.1, surfaces will last longer and protect the QP-ON coating. This ensures short maintenance and cleaning cycles.

    Very durable protection against dirt, dust, organic and inorganic materials, resins, bird droppings, road and sea salt, salt water, fresh water, corrosion, UV-A and UV-B radiation. Preserves surfaces and gives their objects a smooth surface, which is highly water-repellent and has a high resistance. The surfaces look almost like new, depending on age and other factors, and will be  easier to clean. Long-term conservation and investment protection for all types of valuable land.

    Environmentally friendly: Due to the very protective coating, less and less cleaning and washing is necessary. Surfaces with  QP-ON require less water and other chemical cleaning agents. This is a contribution to better protection of the environment and valuable resources such as water.



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