'Best Car Shampoo 2015'

auto-wash is a new technology, highly powerful, environmentally friendly car shampoo, formulated to allow you to effortlessly and effectively clean your paintwork before waxing.

auto-wash is anti-corrosive and suitable for bare steel too, ideal for owners of older vehicles which may have stone chips or exposed areas of mild steel. This is also an advantage in modern cars where the entrapment of corrosive elements carried by some detergents in folded seams accelerates the corrosion of modern vehicles.

auto-wash is very highly-concentrated, meaning that much less solution is needed to add to the water. Not only do you save money, but the added benefit of this is simple - there is less matter to remove from your paintwork prior to polishing.

auto-wash will chamois off with ease to leave a perfectly clean body, ready for further treatment. In fact, a single shampoo can be carried out with just 5ml or 1 teaspoon of auto-wash, meaning one wash will cost you around 16p!

auto-wash uses powerful surfactants to create a high foam level. This simply means that particulate matter is lifted away from the paint, where it can be safely removed with reduced risk of scratching or damage to your car’s paintwork.

auto-wash is quite simply the best car shampoo out there. See 'Best Car Shampoo 2015' here.



  • Bilt-Hamber auto-wash is a new technology, high power vehicle shampoo formulated without thickeners, waxes, corrosive salt or other deleterious constituents which could dry to leave stubborn residues or smearing and which also prevent subsequent waxes or finishes adequately adhering. Bilt-Hamber auto-wash is anti-corrosive on bare steel, ideal for owners of cars or vehicles which may have stone chips or other exposed metal surfaces. The highly concentrated formula means that less is needed to add to your water ensuring that there is less matter to remove from your paintwork prior to polishing and its deliberate high foaming formulation gently lifts particulate matter away from the surface, preventing scratching of delicate paint. Product Function How to Use Use on cool surfaces. Please note this is a low viscosity clear liquid, it is not thickened, take care when opening container. Dilute product as required; 5ml or 1 teaspoon in a clean bucket then add up to 10litres of fast flowing hot water to generate a thick lather for vehicle paintwork cleaning. auto-wash can be used neat as a pre-wash spot cleaner using a clean swab for removal of very stubborn oily films. Rinse surfaces thoroughly after use with plenty of clean warm water, dry with chamois leather or micro fibre cloth to finish. Health and Safety Keep material away from children. Avoid skin contact with neat liquid, wash from skin or eyes with copious quantities of clean water immediately. Do not ingest. 



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